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Hello everyone and welcome to ndola.5u.com.

This site was born out of the great memories that still fill my mind, memories that are everlasting that cannot be forgotten...is it because I was born there or..... is it because I only spent my youth there...no matter where you live.... I have heard that one can never forget the land where one is born on....I'm sure you all agree.... I think there is a time in one's life... in youth.. that cannot be forgotten...



Photographs featured on the site are by kind permission of: Hanns Mattsson, Ian Game & Rachel Mounsey who are all members of the GNR ( The Great North Road ) Link: http://www.greatnorthroad.org/

I would also like to thank Paul Walker, Tulsar Bulsara, Bharat Patel, Ian Broderick, Mahesh Tailor for allowing me to feature photographs on this website.



For all those people who lived and grew up in Ndola, I am sure you all have fond memories of this little town. One could say the same for all the other towns of the Copperbelt, infact, the whole of Zambia was and still is as inviting and interesting as before, with its people and places, making Zambia probably the best place to live in this whole wide world.

 Ask anyone who lived and worked in Zambia even for a short period of time, will tell you - what a life! what a place!. Agreed, time has gone by and the country has gone through some difficult times and things are a bit different to-day, nevertheless, Zambia still has the potential of becoming a leading nation in that part of the world.

I was born in Mpika, grew up in Ndola and that was the only place I really knew. I lived on Vitanda Street (Bharat Building). We lived above some shops, one of those shops, know as "Ndola Provisions "was owned by my father, there was also a photo studio and a butchery. As a child, I remember looking out the windows and you could see the steam trains puffing away in the distance and I also remember the huge thermal power station ever present.

 I attended Kanini Primary and Kensenji Secondary . I remember cycling to Kensenji early in the morning, back for a quick lunch and back to Kensenji through Northrise. I remember school started at 7.30am and cycling was great fun and probably the best way to get to school.




From Tom Holtermann Andersen

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Ndola Provisions

......my father's shop, this was a small grocery store and a tea room, I remember how busy it was during lunch time...... most of the workers who worked nearby came in for 'cococola and buns'. 


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